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Feedback from our wonderful clients -
...........in their own words

Read what our wonderful clients have to say.
Names are the only changes made - for privacy

Salubrious Surrey & Solitaire Bon Lavi
Voodoo Practitioners Specializing in Spells, Hexes, Voodoo Dolls and Tarot Cards & Runes Readings.

>Out of all the sites I've used, I must honestly say, spellbinding sisters Are not only reasonably priced, but more then this, their spells work quickly and effectively! I am amazed beyond words! My target was stubborn and never showed any compassion, their love spells brought out the best in him and getting us back on the road to recovery!! This is officially the ONLY PLACE I WILL GO TO NOW!!
Thank you soooooooo much for all your help! Xxxxx
I have to say your business spell really worked. I just landed a contract with a firm to handle 600 clients with tax resolution problems. Starting this January I'm so darn happy you have no idea.
Good Evening Ladies.

Firstly can I say 'Blessed be' to you both. You have done an amazing job and I will always thank you for what you have done and have since recommended you to others.

I purchased two spells from you and was open minded about it working.

When you sent me the emails to say that the work had been completed, the shift had been almost instant (a few weeks).

The changes where powerful and I feel so blessed by finding you both.

No one will ever know how grateful I am to you both. My life has seen such an amazing improvement that I don't think would have happened if you hadn't intervened.

Once again, blessed be to you both…..Much Love x
The Spell binding Sisters are so authentic and awesome!

I was searching for someone to help solve a very difficult matter of the heart. Other proclaimed spellcasters did nothing more than stole my money and time for that matter. I had a very good experience with them. I will be returning to them once a month. They are very affordable and I trust and would recommend them to anyone needing assistance. Thank you so much! I'm now a dedicated customer.
Thank you SpellBinding sisters your break up hexes actually worked on my ex . He and the girl he was dating broke up. We will never get back together but at least I dont have to walk around my college seeing him happy even though he doesn´t deserve it.
I have had a money and love spell done by these women and I'd have to say I'm seeing some results in the money spell. The love spell I hadn't seen results yet however I'm confident it'll work in time. Thank you ladies so much for tolerating me. I know I can be a lot I just want my love back. Will speak soon!
I had the weight loss spell casted and wow, wow, wow, it is working like an absolute dream and the difference is remarkable and noticeable. Everyone is commenting on it :)
Wow they are the real deal they cast an obsession and bring back lover spell for me. Before my ex told me to stop calling him because he had a girlfriend but a couple days after they cast I sent him a heart emoji and he texted me telling me he misses me called me and asked me to see him. They definitely helped my situation sometimes the person needs a little push to realize true feelings, so grateful for them!! Thank you!!
Hello Sisters, Thank you very much for your love spell with my target and myself. It worked! He came back as a boyfriend. We will have a journey ahead so I need to keep strong faith that this is lasting and will work for long time. I am very happy.

Thank you!
Thank you for your spell, I got a job, I'm very grateful. God bless you. Thank you once again.
Thank you ever so kindly for the Ding dong he , Target just left my place and he told me that his testosterone were low lol and that he can not keep an erection lol but he was hard as a rock here he he....
Hello, I am writing to say that your spell is working very well. I am having very good days and much better luck than I have ever had. Thank you very much, I will be purchasing another spell working today AND i have recommended you to many of my friends. Have a great day.

Dear Sisters, Thank you once again, your spell worked, the police who used to harass me and lay charges on me for nothing seems to leave me alone , they dont even speak to me, which is a VERY GOOD THING, finally I can lead my life in peace. Thank you very much for doing so much for me.

I have to say that the spellbinding sisters are absolutely amazing. Their work definitely shows movement. I had the spellbinding sisters put several curses on my son's father including the bad luck curse (which really really works) since the curse has been placed several things have been happening against him including the fact he got pulled over by a police officer (minor offense but he intends to fight in court over running a stop sign) I also had the spellbinding sisters place the crossroads and expose big fat liar on my ex's mother because she wanted my child for her own... this also showed movement in which social services were called to her home and questioned her about a domestic altercation that her son.

Although the bad luck curse actually has given my son's dad a really bad attitude including a bad attitude towards me... it's definitely giving him a difficult time. I have also done several other hexes against my son's dad such as the "choas in your life" hex. I've been using the spellbinding sisters services since late october and I am super glad I did. They do their work according to the moon phases and they will let you know when the spell is cast. I appreciate the dedication they have towards their work.

I've been to other casters for years, some worked (slightly), but 99% didn't. I still had belief and saw someone recommend them on a forum. I figured I would give them a try. I purchased the lovers hex, and I didn't think about it at all. That very day, he contacted me. This man that hated me, wanted nothing to do with me, and hadn't spoken to me in months. I'm still amazed.

Just wanted to say im seeing results right before my vary eyes and thanks so much . if anyone has doubts im here to say there are the real deal people =)

thanks a bunch ladies
I just wanted to say that the Spellbinding Sisters customer service is outstanding and I look forward to my results once my spells are cast. These ladies seem to be genuine and were helpful in guiding me through their process and available to answer my questions right away.

Salubrious was one of the kindest most helpful spell casters I have ever come across. She genuinely tries to help her clients. Her honesty and kindness helped me through some really rough periods. Their spells are strong and I could definitely notice them working. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking guidance and help.
The Spellbinding Sisters were very accomidating to my situation and probably literally have it stuck in their heads now. These sisters really put time into their clients, their work, and are highly trained. I have been through wasting money on scams and this is definately real! Kudos, Props, and all the above!

I ordered a love spell to get my stubborn boyfriend back and he is finally coming around. He told me he still loves me. After 8-9 months he went to see me.. but is still just a tad stubborn so if this is working on him.. you have to know results should show for you!
I have to put my testimonial on here. I won't go into great detail but the sisters are by far by far the most authentic honest real magik practitioners. I did spells to bring back love and though it hasn't really happened the girl and I still talk as of recently. I believe the universe has its own plans but she is still in my life so that is good.

The sister put in a lot of work and time. Some spells work right away others take time. I feel protection because I lost my job recently but know money is coming soon. I will do an update soon. I just want to say my father was sick and is better which is a combination of blessings from the sisters, good eating and prayer. I had one website I won't mention buy their products and I felt nothing and nothing ever happened. Nor did they speak to me or anything. I investigated the site and found the owner to be a conman. Please support the sisters. This is what they do and have done it for years as you can tell by their character. Support this business. May the universe and spirits bless this website, her home and family.

Thank you. I have already noticed small positive movement. Something as simple as a "drunk" phone call that he doesn't remember making to me this past Sunday. Our conversation was simple and just small talk but this is the first "drunk" call he has made in a very long time. :)
Thank you for your work. The spell is working. He went from not communication to daily calls
I just wanted to say thank you guys so much ! if any one had doubts about you I'm here to say guys they are the real deal =) i have been scammed many times before and just want to say that the spells/hex these ladies did appears to be working right before my very eyes i am truly grateful Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I didn't even think it would be this fast to break them up it's for the best it was a abusive relationship now I'm waiting for my lovers hex !!


Wow. Did that money spell ever work. Three weeks after the casting, I got the first big bonus at work ever. Just tonight, I found out that a grandmother I had only met twice remembered me in her will!!! This couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you, Sisters, for all you do. It works!! And your customer service is outstanding.

Well, my spell has not been cast yet to my knowledge but I must say this! I have asked many questions by email in a short amount of time and have received an answer within the day from EVERY single one....not a short, impolite, "Im busy" answer but a true answer from an actual person that I can tell cares! I have a very good feeling from these ladies and Im looking forward to see the results I get from the spell...I will update how it goes!

Hello just wanted to tell thank all you ladies for all your hard word . hes is back in to my life and it couldn't have happened without you . if you have any doubts about these ladies in here to tell you THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL .

thanks so much =)
Hey sisters, I just want to let you know that it worked! But the crazy thing is I decided to move on from him lol well he broke my heart I guess his will be broken too! Lol but just wanted to let you know he texted me asking me to marry him -_- thanks for everything and if I ever need anything I will definitely come back to you both!!

Much love Sweet T
Dear sisters,

I really really want to share this exciting and happy news with you. The next day I received your email telling me that the work had been finished, I got a call from the man I wanted to be with asking me to have lunch with him!! The next day!! He never called me first, asking me to have lunch!! The moment I saw the incoming call was him, I was screaming in my mind and saying thank you! And things are starting to become better and better.

In the past 2 weeks, we've had more and more interactions. I know this is just the beginning and it'll get better and better. But I really really want to tell you this great news and really want to say thank you. I know it. As I said earlier, I have faith in you and your work. :) Thank you so much. I'll continue to let you know how better things go.

Thank you again!!
Hi Sal,

Just wanted to say thanks. Things are getting better. My target has really started trying to make things work. He made an appointment for couples counseling and we went to the first session. It went well.

I hope you know that what you do really makes a difference in peoples lives. You are so kind to be there for complete strangers. You always treat me with kindness and understanding.

Thanks for everything.

I cannot express the comfort and information I received while dealing with the Sisters. I am deployed and I would email a question and receive a answer immediately. The question didnt linger for days, it was answered immediately. There is a major time diffrence, so what intrigued me is sometimes I would look at the time and realize they answered me right then.

That was very impressive. I was put at ease whenever I aksed questions. I didnt feel like they were brushing me off or just saying " shut up". Sometimes people make you feel that way even via email or text.
Everything was explained to me in detail. I cannot say enough about how professional and warming they made me feel. I could ramble on and on about the Spellbinding Sisters. However, if you all are like myself I appreciate truethfulness, understanding when I do not know something and professionalism. They provide that. I received responses to EVERYTHING not somethings.
I had some work done by them and yes I received results. I felt some things too. I asked what it was and got an answer, a true answer bc it was the trueth. Later it was revealed. I am extremely happy with their work. I would recommend them to anyone. I read their site, followed their directions and guidance and I was and am sooooo pleased.
This makes me teary eyed because for someone I have never seen to explain things and answer questions from so far away just made my day. I was never neglected. I was never pushed for more money. I was never asked for more money. When I wasnt sure what I wanted I wasnt pushed into anything. They recommended something and then told me to go view it on their site. How good is that. I I had purchased something and decided Ididnt want it. I emailed them and guess what. I was told, I could use it on something else no problem.

The work was completed and again I go t results. I know I got results too because I did the weight lose spell on myself and I have been loosing weight too. I read the description and decided let me try this one. Just as it says it does, it does just that. Gives you the want to.. I have had some other work done just as I mentioned and yes I see magnificent results.
I will be using them more. I liked the way they handled things and I truely appreciated the mere fact that once I explained to them I was not in the country they emailed me contiously and promptly.
Thank you very much Spellbinding Sisters and I will recommend you all to anyone. I give you five stars and a big hug. Thank you so much. Thank you for everything.

Monica Green
I ordered the make me more alluring spell and the Anna Riva attraction oil and within a week of the spell being cast I've noticed people treating me differently. Particularly strangers throwing me anonymous smiles and acquaintances engaging in more conversation with me than of what is typical of them. I know it's early in the spells life and I'm really looking forward to seeing how much more alluring I become!! Your spells alone have built up my confidence level tremendously.
I've already ordered another spell, the one wish spell, and I can't wait to see results! You are the real deal and really got me interested in Voodoo and Wiccan work! I've watched your videos on YouTube, as well and subscribed too! I even attempted your simple love spell you posted on your website. I guess you can say I'm a satisfied customer... And fan if you will. I feel like we're friends too because you respond to emails so quickly with insight and all, answering all of my questions. Excellent customer service. Everyone should try your services, I have so much faith in you sisters.
Looking forward to learning more from your website and ordering more spells. Hopefully one in which I can perform myself soon enough!
Thanks you again to Sòsyè Solitèr Bon lavi and Salubrious Surrey!

Bless you.
All I have to say is they truly work! Both sisters are amazing in their work, comforting and honest at all times and have been my aid since day one! I placed my trust in them because all I had was myself and my little one with such horrible luck.... Soon as I believed little by little their work started working! I never spoke a word to anyone only to them!!! They will be in my life for a very long time.... I'm still waiting on several more work to be completed but so far all finished wonderful work has spoken for itself!!!!! Love always your number 1 client!!!!

Fantastic service, so great that I have just ordered another spell (weight loss) to help me keep to my goals in that area. I have had a tingling feeling in my tummy which started before I received the email saying the work had been done, so I guess that is a good sign.

I am confident that the love spell will work hence why I ordered another spell. I would recommend Spellbinding sisters to all who view this website.

Thank you for casting he Alluring spell. Some occurrences have taken place. First, as I was crossing the street, some woman was staring at me as she was crossing opposite myself.

Second, just about an hour ago, I was walking home from shopping. Two young girls, about 19 or 20, were giggling and laughing with each other and were standing in front of me. As I was waiting with them to cross the street, the brunette turned around looked at me a bit, smiled, and said, "Hi how are you?" I nodded and said Hi.
I am beyond pleased with the Money spell that was only cast once. It took a month, but then I got a check for 170. Then I got money from my brother for 150. Then a month after that I got a check for almost 400! I am beyond pleased and would just like to give the sisters a huge hug. Guess what I am buying with the money I just got? A double whammy money spell, and I know what that will do! I am so delighted.

Thank you!!! P.S.
Do you know I had tried many casters before you and I have to say you are excellent in every way. Affordable spells that work!! not like some out there charging so much yet no results lol..and your customer service thats so good too. You handle each client in a friendly and personal way. I really am very impressed

Keep doing what you're doing..you've won me over that's for sure

Take care, R.X.
These ladies are truly the best. They are so kind and understanding. If you need advice on a situation, or help you can count of them. I have done several different spells with them and had good results. Its hard to find good honest people especially on the internet. You can trust your problems to them !!

After reading your reading Solitaire I'm in awe coz some of it are already happening and right on! I'm getting goose bumps right now! The last reading you did was spot on, too. And a lot of things had happen after the last reading which are mostly negative but this time, mostly positive had been happening recently and I'm so happy about that though I'm still going through something but I think it will be over soon. Thank you so much!!! This is actually a very good guidance for me and I know that there's always a rainbow after the rain, well for me it's more of a storm :). I'm just so happy that the reading is very positive.

I really appreciate it. Anne
I just wanted to let you know that the alluring spell is working! Either that or the attraction oil.. or both! I just seem to have more confidence it feels like. I get more looks and I feel different chemistry with people I've know prior the spell being cast.

I want to thank you ladies again for your help! Things are coming together for the good between my target & I.
I am a worry ward, but with the sisters I feel confident in their work to know everything will work out. I been through a break-up where my partner and i argued he let another woman he just met and in 5 days moved her in with her 13 yr old daughter in a tiny room. I been seeing different results from him and her since working with the sisters, this woman is a lunatic and I have sleepless nights because of her.

I will be constantly working with the Sisters until I get this woman out the picture for good( all she does is use men until they wise up and see her for what she really is)! I want to say every spell I ordered I witnessed the results sometimes so quickly I thought I was dreaming. I'd like to Thank the Sisters for answering my emails, and lifting my spirits when everyone else wouldn't be bothered ( I'd be their therapist but they wouldn't be mines) Once again Thank you and looking forward to working some more with you.

Muah EVM
I almost can't believe it. I saw my target last night...he wants to reconcile. He still loves me and wants to try again. I don't understand what happened, but so glad it did. I am amazed at what transpired last night. I feel like I am dreaming. And I am so very happy. I am unbelievably happy...thanks again. I can never say it enough.

I've used Spellbinding Sisters for multiple reasons including love & money and they are amazing ! They always reply in a timely fashion and they always put the client at ease ! The quality of their work is second to none ! They are the real deal. I will continue to use them for multiple services.

Thank you, Happy Client
I just would like to say thanks a lot ladies, I ordered the obsession spell because my love kept running in and out of my life, my spell was casted about 2 weeks ago and for the last couple of days, he has been sweet, loving and kind the way he was when we first met, I appreciate everything that you have done, most spell casters want hundreds of dollars and some of us can't afford that, your prices are wonderful and your work is amazing, I look forward to asking for your help again in the future once again thanks ladies and keep up the good work.

I am not familiar with the work of the Sisters, but felt compelled to give it a try. After all, NOTHING else seemed to be working for me! The sisters are professional, kind and sweet. They answered my emails in a timely fashion and assisted me with my purchase based on my personal circumstance.
*More money was and still is my main focus*
Because of my affiliation with the Sisters since March 2013, I have experienced mega savings, rebates (checks & pre-paid credit cards in the mail), my sister-in law hit the lottery number twice and gave us some money, and both my husband and I bought 2 spanking brand new (2013) cars with all the bells and whistles. I put NO money down, not even for taxes and tags. My husband only had to put $500.00 down! Amazing!!

I expect more and more goodness and loads of money!

Thank you Salubrious Surrey & Sosye Soliter Bon Lavi!!


Your Friend from Laurel, Maryland :)
I am starting to see some kind of results. My target has been more responsive, she's happy that she sees a change in me. We actually talk and don't argue and she actually agrees with what i say... Which never use to happen. Its only been 2 weeks! I am not sure but things are definitely better.
I thought I'd be writing a feedback message in a few weeks, but looks like I was wrong. 
In the coarse of three days EVERYTHING changed for the better! Cars are fixed, moods are great, and fiances are better. Already! Now the only thing I'm waiting for is a job for myself. I think I'll actually go check on the status of a few applications tomorrow. Doing those simple things helped soooo sooo much.  
Thanking you seems like it's just not enough, but thank you. 
Dear sister 
I m writing to let you know that me And my target spent some time today texting back and fort . He txt me first  I try  to keep as casual and short but he kept answering and asking , also he is suddenly nice ,,,,,he also proposed a night(date) out , to our favorite restaurant , also going out to dance , like we use to do before . I think we were msg for a few hrs :) . He told me how good looking and amazing i was and i am . Maybe cheesy a bit  but its okay . 
Thats all for now . 
Warmest regards :) 
Hi Girls

Just thought id let you know both the reveal liar and troublemaker spells have both manifested, the man I love finally knows all truths, so thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

Thanks girls

Love, E
First off, you just cast a spell for me not that long ago and already seeing some results. THanks. J.T.
I had recently purchased in December the "Bring your lover back" Spell and I must say, trust this site with your life! I've dealt with so many scams and things, but they are very accurate and contact you back if you have any questions or concerns in a fashionably quick manner. My spell is just now starting to roll out, but I needed a booster because I am impatient with him, not the spell.. but amazing work and great people!

Ms Batty
Amazing! I accidentally overlooked and deleted the e-mail that they saying saying the work was completed on a love hex to make someone who detested me so much and wanted me to die, love me and care for me. Anyways, this person started contacting me more and more, and instead of ignoring me, talks to me. he's coming around but I am AMAZED on how fast I got results.

From the date when they resent the confirmation e-mail..it was the exact same day he started coming around. I've been to every spellcaster before it seemed like, wasting tons of money, but now I know who to stick with. They succeeded with not only my tough case, but I saw results in about a DAY.

I did notice something interesting. He has initiated contact with me instead of ignoring me, and responds to my texts. Thank you guys so much! This is probably the first time I've ever seen CLEAR results and so fast! You've got a lifetime customer as I will definitely be coming to you guys for anything else I need!! :)
Salubrious & Sosye,

Thank you for all your assistance. You have given our family a new start that we deserve. I will definitely refer the two of you to anyone wants, needs and a new start with their family.

Respectfully, Kay
I wanted to thank you for everything you did. My Target came back and wants to be together.

Thank you again, Scot
Hi I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART THANK YOU!! AFTER 3 going on 4 years with my target he called me last night wanting to come back home apologizing!! He dumped me in September n haven't had any contact with him till last night he kept calling me having his family call me...he apologized ..we had a long talk he talked to the kids(:

I took a chance after spending lots of money on other casters I can't say enough how within a week after he texted me and said she out of pic thank you I will be using a lot more they are true workers.

Misty M
I can definitely feel your spells, the obsession spell has started to work since the guy has started to get very jealous over things!! ...B
Spellbinding sisters are the best. My spell is already working! Thanks Spellbinding Sisters!

Thank you thank you, he started talking to me again right before christmas saying he misses me and so forth :) and calling me baby and stuff. He also mentions he dreams of me :) You are the BEST! P.W.
Hey How are you doing I just want tell you my target gave me a ring for Christmas he want him and I to get married thank you very much!
Dear Solitaire & Salubrious,

On Thanksgiving, I met someone in one of the stores for the black Friday sale. Since then, we have had a wonderful relationship, with nothing but love and respect for one another. Not one argument and we are seriously contemplating moving in together at some point. So much love has come my way this season, that it's staggering!

I want to add that you have a great skill between the both of you when wielding your craft. If I may say something without offending either of you in the most sincere way, I love you both with all my heart and I have always felt an extreme connection spiritually with you ladies as well. There is more to be accomplished and I will certainly be in touch. I wish you lovely ladies a much deserved Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Kind Regards, R.H.
U two have such a great reputation as being the best vodoo spellcasters and being so much structured in your work and client communication.Really good job.Keep it up sisters.
Hey sisters

A great big thankyou to both of you - I got the job!!!::)))) - I am thrilled to just have been picked, thank you so much. I hope all is well over with you both, thank you again, and I shall be choosing some more spells very very soon.

lots of love MiMi
Hello ladies. You did a Get A Job/Promotion spell for me on October 28, 2012. Well, that is when you sent me the email saying the spell was complete. I just wanted you to know that I was getting a little pessimistic but things are really looking up. I got a second job with a roofing company and I also got a small promotion at my current job.

I got promoted to an on-site supervisor. Basically, I'm like a second in command. All this happened in the last 2 weeks. I got a job and a promotion with this one spell. Thank you again and I promise you I will not forget this. I got a strange feeling you'll be doing business with me again. Much respect to you ladies. Truly, you are in great favor to the spirits. Later. M.A.
I have tried other spellcasters before who left me sitting like a fool, but you guys... WOW, just WOW. I purchased a Bring my Baby back spell and a leave my man alone spell. My situation was extremely complex, yet somehow it still worked! I am getting more spells at moment to improve and restore the situation, and I cannot sing your praises enough, you have given me hope, and your work is amazing!

:) x Kay
You know I was re-reading the email and came to the conclusion that You Two dont know me yet you two are so nice!!! I cant believe there are people like you out there.... Im on the other side of the world and you guys are in Florida and you two read my complaints and emails and bother to respond. My God... you two are so nice.... wish you guys lived in my country.. I would bring you two a Christmas gift.

Thank you very much and it feels great to know that people like you two exists.
Well I just want to say thank you they are no longer together it worked, now to bring us back together.
Hi just wanted to let you know that after you did the break-up hex last month my husband move out that girls house and got his own place. Not sure if they are still seeing each other but it's a start. After you did the bring my baby back spell last week, we decided to take some baby steps and start talking and spending time together. I will definitely let others know about your work and will be using your services again very soon! Thank you very much S.Y.
Dear Solitaire,

I ordered and revived the Haitian Vodou Handbook you recommended and have already finished it. I wanted to thank you for recommending it to me. It was incredibly insightful and has really helped me clear up all sorts of questions. Including questions I didn't even realize I had.

Although I know I'm not exactly where I'd like to be when it come to the knowledge and understanding of voodoo or the culture, I'm still interested and plan on broadening my understanding of it and getting to know a few lwa at the same time. I just wanted you to know I am very grateful for all your help.

I hope you have a wonderful day
The sisters have done everything they promised with fantastic results especially the ding dong hex and dream of me..FANTASTIC

try them they are the real deal and their prices are reasonable too
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you have done for me and i will be back for more spells
I just wanted to let you know that since u told me the forgiveness spell had been cast me and my target have talked more and I have even went to her house and spent time with her. I am very happy with the results so far though. Yesterday when i went and seen her I may have been the happiest I have been in a long time.. thank u so much from the bottom of my heart.

I have got to say, you all have been wonderful. It's like your a good luck charm! :) I got a job within the time that I had contacted you for your services and so far so good. I'm thankful for it and I look forward to other exciting opportunities that will come along. Thanks again