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Voodoo Love Spells, Hexes & Voodoo Dolls

Custom Voodoo Spells & Voodoo Dolls. All merchandise shipped free of charge in the USA and it's territories!!  

Specializing in custom Spells, Hexes & Hand made Voodoo dolls.

Custom Voodoo Spells & Voodoo dolls

We perform Voodoo Spells & Magic
at a price affordable for those needing the services that only a select few can deliver. Voodoo Love Spells, Voodoo dolls, Spell casting, Hexes, Gris Gris bags used for Love, Health, Protection, Money. Curses & Revenge hexes.

Voodoo Dolls & Poppets for binding & control (positive & negative) Although, our talents do not end there.....if you wish it to be, we can create your fantasy. Be it a powder to rid you of a meddlesome coworker or a little punishment for the wandering eye of your partner. Forgive & forget? Or get justification......it's your choice.

PLEASE visit our FAQ page
for most asked questions before messaging us. As we do get the same questions quite often, any additional inquiries just ask!

Beautiful Chakra Necklaces — Mala Jewelry

Voodoo Gift Cards

Voodoo Lwas

Please send us a message about what you are looking for we will respond promptly. Please be sure to check your SPAM FOLDER for our reply if you do not hear back within 24 hours

~Erzulie Freda Lwa we invoke for Love & Relationships~

**If you feel your situation is difficult you CAN have us cast twice " more intense for a "Double Whammy" on any Voodoo Hex/Spell/Curse just purchase two. **WE WILL KNOW WHY**
erzulie freda
Voodoo Spells & Hexes
 Gris Gris Bags

What is a Gris Gris Bag?

A small Voodoo charm bag filled with herbs, stones, candle remnance, bones, hair, name papers, feathers, coins, minerals etc...all to Aid the goal at hand. Gris Gris bags can be made for many purposes.

Attract Love, Money, better health, protection, baby blessing. Generally there are at least three items in a Gris Gris bag, we always place an odd number of items. After the items have been put into the color specific charm bag it is then, given a Voodoo spell upon it anddressed with specific oil.

Voodoo Spells & Hexes
Moons influence / Voodoo Dolls

What are the Moons influences on Magic?

Casting a spell in an ideal moon phase can determine its success. The Waxing Moon phase greatly influences the spells that are cast with the aim of gaining or achieving what you desire. The waning Moon phase is ideal to cast spells which are involved with evading or getting rid of unpleasant or bad things and influences.

Do not underestimate the power of the moon. If the moon can determine the movements of the oceans and seas, then its influence on spells is clearly justified.

Voodoo Spells & Hexes
Sometimes depending on what service we are performing for you it requires us to send you certain items and other times you'll have to provide a few things about yourself, your named target or your situation. WE DO NOT ask for personal information like Social security numbers, credit card numbers, or any other reveling information.

ANYONE that does could be an identity thief. PLEASE be wary when online. When you purchase through Spellbindingsisters.com a second secure window opens through PAYPAL since we only accept payment that way you Will NEVER have to give out your credit card number or anything else. Please be advised.
Voodoo Spells & Hexes
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