Our Frequently Asked Voodoo Questions Page

Due to the high volume of emails we receive and respond to if you purchase spell work, decide to not have us cast for you, and want to be refunded – you will be refunded minus a $25.00 consultation fee, as we did take the time to advise you, console you, answer your questions & explain things that you asked about.You will also be responsible for the Paypal transaction fee.

Sorry, we cannot issue refunds on spell work that already has been completed.

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We do supply the Customs tracking number showing when the package leaves the U.S., but that once the package leaves, we have no control over it and cannot guarantee anything about when (or even if) it will be delivered.

We schedule our days around client chat appointments. If you book a chat session and do not show up, you have basically purchased a piece of our day but didn’t show up to claim it.

We understand that life can interrupt our paths from day to day, but time is the most valuable resource there is – it can never be replaced.

So, to be fair to all, there will be a $15 fee for rescheduling.

After you order, please fill out the form located on “Chat with Sisters” page and we will contact you to confirm your requested time and I.M. method. Your cut off to book for the the current week is Monday by midnight mainly because we do book so fast we need to set the times in advance.

Please remember chats are 30 minutes, some days we are able to chat longer but, sometimes we have another chat waiting.

Spells usually take longer to unfold due to being more detailed. It can take anywhere from a few weeks or longer for initial movement, usually Hexes work much quicker sometimes within days or a couple of weeks. It is not uncommon for some Spells, Hexes & Curses to take a few months so, if you don’t see results within a couple of weeks don’t panic. It is normal and panic leads to negative thinking which is a BIG NO NO in Spell casting.

Yes, we can if you can provide a full name, if you only have a first name or nick name it is not as strong.

No, we do not. We are Voodoo Practitioners, a Bokor is who does Dark Magic. However we do revenge Spells, Hexes & Curses with the wording & intent that it only effects the guilty. Those who have wronged you. But, if they are innocent & not caused you harm no harm shall come to them.

We always contact you to find out all the info we will need like names, pictures & details of your situation. We will let you an estimate for when work is being done and we will always message you when we have completed your work. On the rare occasion we haven’t gotten back to you please be rest assured the work was done as requested & feel free to shoot us an email asking.

Many of our clients report major changes, some report slight change while others none at all. We believe in the long run that their is a reason the Spell/hex didn’t take as their maybe another plan in the works for you that may not include whatever/whomever the Spell/Hex entailed.

Also, if we do a Spell that is truly against someones nature they can either not work or last a very short time. Example; If you wanted to make a naturally self centered, greedy, heartless person change and be a loving sweet & giving person it might work for a short time or maybe not at all. Sometimes if it does work it has to be recasted to keep it up. Spell work is not Guaranteed & that’s what all genuine spell casters will tell you.

Just let us know in the Email & it will be documented & placed in a folder “Client Specifications”.

Send all pictures, logos, a brief summary about the situation & first & last names of ALL applicable targets we ask that you please send within a single Email because it makes it easier for us to locate all of your information & pictures if compacted to avoid confusion or not being able to locate everything we’ll need to cast. We do not print your pictures until we are preparing to do your work reading your summary helps us refresh ourselves about your case.

We accept Paypal, Credit card through Paypal, Personal Check or Money Orders, SORRY NO Western Union & no Cash please. If paying by Check or Money Order, please include a letter with exact Spell work/supplies you are ordering, include your full name, Email address (so we can message you once we receive payment) and total amount of the Spell work, you will make your check/money order out to Spellbinding Sisters. If you are in the state of Florida please include 6% sales tax to your total.

Please send to:
Spellbinding Sisters
P.O.Box 236921 Cocoa, FL 32923

We have a big book that we list your name, the info about Targets with names, the work to be done & organize it according to the moon phase your work will be done on. Once all is completed we mark as complete and remove from our book.

The short answer to that is no. But to elaborate you cannot go against a persons nature that is another reason some Spells will work a short amount of time or not at all. If someone is Gay you cannot “Make” them straight. We can make you more appealing but, if they are not attracted to men/women it will not make any difference. Same as we can’t make a woman a man.

And making someone “beautiful” this is a tough one because in someones eyes you probably are already beautiful but to change features to look like someone else we cannot. What we can do is make it so you are perceived in a more positive way, the things you do, the things you say and for this we have a Make me more alluring Spell which we do recommend Anna Rivera Attraction Oil to be used in conjunction with this Spell for maximum results. You can find the Spell on our Voodoo dolls & Spells page and the Attraction Oil on the Oils, Herbs & Kits page.We like to think that nothing is hopeless, just send us an email & we can always see what is possible. Only thing that is pretty much hopeless is Spell work on an addicted mind. You MAY get movement but, IT IS NOT EASY as Spell work is used to influence a target and spell work will not be much use on influencing a mind that is already under the influence.

A few days during the week, every weekend & Full Moon.

Yes, but they are not going to be a good representation of your target without several very personal taglocks.

This depends as it is better to send them to us & let us put them in during ritual but if you can’t do that we will make a small pocket on the doll for you to insert yourself. With the exception of the Get out of my life Voodoo/Poppet doll & The Love Me Dolls. So, if you purchase either of those you must send the taglocks.

for dolls we need at least 3 personal ones 

  • Dirt from their Hair & Nails
  • foot print
  • Skin scraping
  • Bristles from the Tooth brush
  • Clothing
  • Something precious to them
  • Saliva
  • Letter written by target
  • Gum
  • Something Target signed
  • Sweat soaked item
  • Drawing
  • Straw used by target
  • Tooth
  • Tissue from nose blowing

Taglocks are to be sent to our P.O. Box:
Spellbinding Sisters
P.O.Box 236921 Cocoa, FL 32923

Please put them in Ziplock baggies with Target’s name on outside. We will need the before the Ritual. So, please make sure you give them enough time to reach Florida. The more personal the effect the better (We prefer Hair/nails/skin scrapings) Because they’re from the body

that mean?We always reply to every message we receive so, it might be in your Spam folder. If you sent us a message on our “Survey” & didn’t provide an Email address we have no way of knowing a way to reach you. If you ever message us & get no reply this would be the only reasons why. We ALWAYS REPLY. When in doubt message us direct: spellbindingsisters@gmail.com

No, we can’t and anyone who says otherwise is taking you for a ride. We do have Money Spells, Gris Gris Bags & Even a Money man that will help to pay your bills & leave you with enough left over to enjoy but you will not become rich.

Depending on what is ordered if it needs to be done in Waning or Waxing Moon phase. And if we have stopped taking new orders for the current Moon phase you will be on our list for the following applicable Moon phase when it comes. It is important to us to give 100% to each & everyone of you. Hence why you will be told a range in which work will be performed. We will message you once work is complete. Please also refer to “What happens after I make a purchase?”

We do charge significantly less than most Spell casters because we believe anyone who needs help should be able to get it not just those who have the money to pay. It isn’t fair to set such unrealistic prices in our opinion.The price does in no way reflect the strength, length or our enthusiasm to do it for you. We feel privileged to be doing something we love and honoring our Religion at the same time.

We didn’t add specific Spell work for certain sexual orientations because our Spell work is designed for all people not just those who are in heterosexual relationships.

as we have hundreds of pictures we print per Moon cycle & it takes a lot of time so, compacting everything helps us locate the pictures & names instead of hunting down past messages to locate names. We want to always provide you with 100% best customer service and it helps us so much when you compact your information for us. We are the ONLY two people who read your messages or see your information EVER.

purchase?No, not at all when we are online we like to make sure you know your options if what your asking for is something we can do & we understand you might not be familiar with Spell work. We only ask that you are patient with us as we do get hundreds of messages daily and a long with answering Emails, we are setting up and doing work quite a bit. We do both do have families as well so we try our best to please everyone. It is only frustrating when we are asked the same questions that we posted in this FAQ section.

Number one thing you CAN do is be positive, don’t stress about the work that is being done for you or tell a bunch of people about the work specifically. Just enjoy your life & allow it to work its way naturally. Many people expect instant results and sometimes that happens but not often. So don’t put doubt in it or allow others to, allow it to work for you. And PLEASE be patient after a week or few days no results, it is not uncommon no need to panic. 🙂 We also ask if you purchase from us and are using a different name in the Paypal put it in the notes or notify us right after because we use the Paypal name to locate your info/how you will be listed in our book unless you otherwise specify. It saves us time in the long run which means more time to do work for you.

We do first come first serve so work may not be done immediately. Once you make a purchase you are placed in our book of work to be done according to the moon phase of the things you purchased. We do get booked quite fast, so getting your order in early enough will ensure it will be cast during that current months moon phases. A matter of a few days won’t matter but a few weeks will.

Once you make a purchase you are placed in our book of work to be done according to the moon phase of the things you purchased. You will then send us full names & pictures of all targets. We will let you know as each spell/hex is completed. We do first come first serve so work may not be done immediately. Yes, work is done by the moon phase.

If we are online & see you have made a purchase will will request information if we are not online we won’t know until we check our inbox so if you don’t hear from us immediately send us information & we will message you back. Most clients consult with us per emails before ever purchasing to chose the best Spell/Hex suited to your situation. (No, we do not charge for our conversations with you)

No, typically we only ask for taglocks for the Voodoo Poppet dolls but they can be used in spells too. They are not necessary and pictures will work just as well for Spells/hexes. The importance of Taglocks for Dolls is to make the actual poppet represent the target, the more personal the taglock the better. But if you WANT us to use taglocks in Spell work for you we will.

We advise that after a week or so make a very casual non aggressive, not emotional and very low key approach with a text, a phone call…keeping it short “just to say hi” the reason is we want you fresh in their mind when spell work starts to take affect. Then, leave things alone allow the Spell(s) to work. Do not bait to any messages that will possibly start a fight or bring ANY negativity into the work as it can hinder it or cause it not to work at all. If target continues to send messages keep calm, do not commit yourself to anything immediately only once the spells have completely take affect all will be fine. We advise you to please NOT stress about the work that has been cast you are better off to get it out of your mind or you can hinder or cause your work to fail.

I cannot stress enough that when you send panic emails daily about the progression of your situation that is the same as you worrying..it is not a good thing. Positive energy MUST surround your work. Typically when work does not pan out in our client’s favor they are quick to blame the caster when in reality most client’s hinder their own work. Don’t harass your target, don’t stress about your work and please do not think we don’t care because we are telling you this. We tell you this because WE WANT TO SEE SUCCESS. Remember it can take up to THREE MOON CYCLES to get full effect from Spell work.

This is an average amount of time for most castings, it is not uncommon for some situations to take longer & others to progress much faster. We also recommend all clients do a Cleansing Sea salt bath, it is beneficial to you & your Spell work. Please visit the Cleansing page for more information about them (they are to only be done during Waning Moon)
For the Cleansings page Click here

That includes pictures of all targets including yourself, Logos, full names & to send us taglocks for the dolls. The ONLY doll you can add your own taglocks is the Classic Voodoo doll. When sending them to our P.O.Box PLEASE put names on the zip lock bags. And also make sure you have your name in there too so we know who they belong to. You do not need taglocks for the Spells/hexes or curses but, they can be added to Gris Gris bags. IF we do not have your pictures (if you have any), Full names or information we need to do your work you will be placed on a “Could not complete” list until the following Moon phase your work was scheduled for.

…you to please NOT stress about the work that has been cast you are better off to get it out of your mind or you can hinder or cause your work to fail. I cannot stress enough that when you send panic emails daily about the progression of your situation that is the same as you worrying..it is not a good thing. Positive energy MUST surround your work. Typically when work does not pan out in our client’s favor they are quick to blame the caster when in reality most client’s hinder their own work. Don’t harass your target, don’t stress about your work and please do not think we don’t care because we are telling you this. We tell you this because WE WANT TO SEE SUCCESS. Remember it can take up to THREE MOON CYCLES to get full effect from Spell work.

If you feel your situation is difficult you CAN have us cast twice & more intense for a “Double Whammy” on any Hex/Spell/Curse just purchase two. Also, another potent choice is the Love binding Bottle spell (For love) Voodoo doll/poppets but those need taglocks. (Hair, nails etc..) For dolls you need to have at least 2-3 very personal taglocks.

Some of our clients have had very vivid dreams or ones that made no sense, some report feelings of euphoria, some extreme happiness & others feel nothing.

Since we are Voodoo Practitioners we invoke Lwas (Vodou Spirits) to assist us in our work (unless you request that we don’t) if you want results faster you can always send a gift that the Lwa would like or have us provide offerings to the Lwa we invoked for your work on your behalf. If you do want to send a gift please be sure to ask which Lwa we specifically invoked for your casting so we can advise you on the appropriate present. (It does not have to be extravagant a simple drawing would be suffice, something with meaning to that Spirit)

No, we provide our time to you through emails to discuss your options and situation because we care. However, if you have many questions and need to chat one on one you may order a chat.

If you reside in Central Florida & are interested in having us provide services for you (Negative energy cleansing & smudging to you, your home & family, Removing bad energy on client’s home, a rental property or blessing a home, person, business. Showing you ways to draw profit to your place of business & cleansing it of negativity) we do. However, their is a charge for our service, supplies & fuel. Since we are very busy we only take situations that are in need of our hands on help that the client is unable to do themselves.

email us directly and we will switch the work to what you want to change it to and either invoice you for balance, or refund extra money excluding the paypal fee.

If it is something simple not needing a long explanation please just email us. We really do not have time to do long explanations of spells we cast through email as we get hundreds a day. If you need more details of your work, have a lot of questions and would like more guidance one on one please order a chat as it will be an immediate reply to your questions, fears, worries…etc… We also are doing all days not just wednesdays now so long as we are available so, please consider that option as well.  Emails are mainly for getting info to us, updating us on progression or questions regarding what to order. Outside of that you will need to order a chat where we can answer your questions in a more detailed way as we must be reply to all these messages as well as complete work, make lists, track orders, mail things out, do offerings/rituals, as well as taking time to sleep & be with family. We love & appreciate every one of you but, we also want to be sure EVERYONE is taken care of in a reasonable amount of time.


Thank you for your consideration.

NO, you will not. We do not cast dark, black, evil magic AT ALL. Targets in revenge spell work will ONLY get what they deserve. Nothing more, nothing less as well as WE NEVER HARM THE INNOCENT. We word all spell work certain ways to never negativity effect you, us or to upset the Lwas as they are NOT our attack “dogs” they are family to us and assist us in our work.

We have recently added a Chat with Salubrious Surrey or Solitaire Bon Lavi per IM through or Facebook chat. The cost is $25.00 for 30 minutes and you specify which sister you would like to speak with. We will reserve a time during the week that suits you. Doing this is not a requirement as you can just email instead but, if you want to go over several things, need some counciling or guidance on several situations this is a good option

In some Love spell cases clients have reported having dreams of their target (vivid positive & negative) some have experienced dreams of one of the Lwas which depending on the dream is positive or negative. Feelings of happiness, sometimes clients have “felt” when we were doing the work (which we think is a great sign) You should never be negatively influenced ever.

Yes, we do both offer readings separately from Spellbinding Sisters, just reach out to us for our availability. If we are unable to accommodate we can refer you to someone else we trust.

In Haitian Vodou we do not speak to (God) Bondye directly, we direct our correspondences through the Vodou spirits known as the Lwas (Loa). There are many Lwas but, we serve Papa Legba, Baron Samedi, Maman Brigitte, Erzulie Dantor (Danto), Erzulie Freda, La Sirene & Grand Bwa.

We actually have a website dedicated to the Lwas if you are interested in knowing more about them Please click here Learn about Lwas Vodou.

When we do work for our Clients we do all work together. We both have Hounfors at our homes. So sometimes work is preformed at Solitaires Hounfor or at mine (Salubrious) depending what work is being done. The reason being is some Lwa cannot be with other Lwa as they are conflicting and will not be pleased. Like Erzulie Dantor (Danto) and Erzulie Freda they are sisters and represent two completely different aspects (Petro & Rada) they are NEVER to be together. When we do personal work or work for our family we usually will do that alone or if we are doing a little something extra for a client or a person in need.

This will be a long winded answer as Spell work is complex much like most Spell work. Lets start with the type of casting. For Money, Business & Job Spell work/Gris Gris bags you must make effort Spell work is NOT a quick fix but, to help achieve your goals. The Lwas we invoke will NOT BLESS your life if they see no effort made on your part.

So, if searching for work and you get a Spell/bag to assist you keep applying to jobs and keep putting yourself out there when the right one FOR you that will not only bring your finances up but, you will be happy with comes be certain they will make sure you get it. You must also only search for jobs you’re qualified for. In Regards to business the same thing applies advertise for free, give out business cards let yourself be known and be open to opportunity. On simple money spells don’t go and blow money you have on frivolous fancies and then, expect the Lwas to replenish it. Remember this is Haitian Vodou many of you are in better positions than those in Haiti just happy to have a clean glass of water so when they ask for help from the Lwas to bless  them they are not out at at Mall spending all they do have but, are thankful for what they do have.

In regards to Revenge hexes/curses we do not do any dark magic so all of our revenge type work is only going to give that target what they deserve nothing more nothing less. Please consider what you consider “deserving” and what you are choosing for their “Karma” a person who cheated on you then dumped you for another person their karma would be equal to the betrayal you felt. Nothing more. A person who killed another person, raped someone, molested a child their punishment would be 10x’s harsher.

Now to tackle Love castings; these are by far the most difficult, complex and usually drawn out castings we do. A lot can hinder work and you must be mindful of your actions but, what if you were positive, didn’t harass your target and still not a lick of movement in your favor? The reason any Love castings do not pan out when the client has been following our advice could be that the target is difficult or stubborn & could need a double whammy  it could be he/she is blocked by another person doing Spell work on them, it could be that they are blocked by feelings that they cannot get past thus far like insecurity, fear of commitment, influences of other people, worries or even doubts about being with you because of past experiences with you or maybe with an ex. It could be that they are dating someone else, that they have issues tying them down like obligations or family matters, then there is the other less liked factor when things have not unfolded for you and that is if the Target no longer is in love with you since our love spell work is based from genuine feelings the target has for our client underneath all doubts, insecurities, blocks etc… if the Target still has love remaining for you chances of success is usually a matter of waiting but, if the feelings have waned and no longer remain the Spell work has nothing to work from.

The Lwas do have a lot of push here and will push a situation forward if they feel or see that in the long run it will be a happy union but, they also are quick to protect you from being hurt by allowing a relationship that is not based on love and will only bring you sadness. What if you had a Bring me true love Spell and have not met Mr. or Misses Right? For True love castings it is not so much about the window of time as it is about getting out there, saying “Yes” to all opportunities, joining groups, socializing as True love cannot find you if you are sitting at home watching T.V. longing for him/her. You will still draw your typical “crowd” but, to distinguish true love from a dud, is the feeling of “oneness” you will feel when you meet True love. I hope that this clarifies things for you on all aspects of Spell work and why it sometimes is not successful. Also another thing that makes Spell work not work is  when Spells are done during the wrong Moon Phase, we do all our Spell work based on the correct Moon phase for the Spell work ordered. Hence why you may sometimes wait awhile.

If your target has “friend type” feelings for you they can be enhanced with Spell work and become more. For that type of situation a Simple Love Spell is usually done sometimes combined with other work depending on the situation.

Bring me true love is used for exactly that

Free recast of your spell work after three moon cycles only applies to spells that we have recommended and positive movement has not been seen within 3 months.

We are mindful of the fact that when doing hundreds of castings per month and that Cleansing ourselves/home/family & Protection are extremely important to keep ourselves safe and our families safe & protected. So rest assured we are Protected and in our Protection Spells you our clients are always included.

Offerings for the Lwa are ONLY for those who want to give “Thanks” to the Lwa and “requesting” their assistance with the Spell work we are invoking them for. If you are in need of help with your situation, please take advantage of our FREE EMAIL Consultations & we will best advise you. spellbindingsisters@gmail.com At that point you are welcome to send a gift offering to the Lwa for your Spell work which can be done through this link spellbindingsisters.com/serving-the-loas-lwas, then navigate to your choice of LWA. There will be “Make offering” button on each LWA page

Due to the high volume of emails we receive and respond to if you purchase spell work and decide to not have us cast for you and want to be refunded you will be refunded minus a $25.00 consultation fee as we did take the time to advise you, console you, answer your questions & explain things that you asked about.

We send notifications every 3-5 days as sending them out daily and handling the large amount of emails we get would cut into spell work time. So, PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE US INQUIRING ABOUT WORK OR ASSUMING WE FORGOT ABOUT YOU unless it has been a long time since you ordered and the end of waxing/waning moon is here then, PLEASE message us. Otherwise don’t panic we do work in the order they come in.

Dear Beloved Clients,

Please keep in mind we are the ONLY ones that answer your emails! To maintain your privacy, we both have families & we perform rituals frequently throughout the week & weekend so we ask that you please be patient with us regarding emails. If no reply after 24 hours PLEASE  check your spam or bulk mail for our reply. If you have questions we ask that you check here first to make sure we haven’t already answered it in this FAQ section.

Spellbinding Sisters is NOT a JOB to us. We do this because we enjoy it, we love helping others, being able to practice our religion, serving the Lwas & providing so many people with love, compassion, a friendly reply, raw honesty & guidance. Helping you by bringing you hope, happiness & desires fulfilled is a very rewarding opportunity to us and we feel extremely blessed to be doing this. We are  just honest, down to earth women who know exactly what it is like to be in your shoes.

If there are any questions you did not get an answer to, just let us know & we will be happy to answer them for you and possibly add them to this page.

Thank you,
Salubrious Surrey & Solitaire Bon Lavi