Powerful Specialty Voodoo Spells

Powerful Voodoo Spells, Custom Conjured by the Spellbinding Sisters. Our Most Powerful Spells, For Very Special Needs!

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Give the gift of magic for the holidays, or any occasion! Once you have placed the order, we will send you printed copy to give to that special person or – persons!

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Intranquil Spirit Spell


Spirits are sent to torment and make the target miserable in their life until they return to their ex.

Mirror Protection Spell


 Powerful Voodoo Protection spell, conjured with mirrors, to reflect angst and ill will back to its sender.

Hex The Sex Spell


To keep a person from being able to have enjoyable sex, to make their sexual performance suck.

Road Opener Spell


Spell work for clearing the path to success in all areas, (must choose one focus) helpful in situations where you feel completely stuck.

Powerful Binding Spell


Used for Binding those working against you, must have full name and picture of the target casting against you, or attacking you, taglock may also be included if available

Build Me Up Buttercup Spell


Spell to build great confidence and self esteem, we use full name and your picture, important to cleanse in advance for this working.

Stop Gossip and Slandering (with Cow Tongue)


Those slandering your name, shut them up and make their mouths burn in pain any time they try to speak against you.

Shut Your Mouth Spell


Sour their words and silence them from speaking about you, be in court, in business, at work…