I have to say that the spellbinding sisters are absolutely amazing. Their work definitely shows movement. I had the spellbinding sisters put several curses on my son’s father including the bad luck curse (which really really works) since the curse has been placed several things have been happening against him including the fact he got pulled over by a police officer (minor offense but he intends to fight in court over running a stop sign) I also had the spellbinding sisters place the crossroads and expose big fat liar on my ex’s mother because she wanted my child for her own… this also showed movement in which social services were called to her home and questioned her about a domestic altercation that her son.

Although the bad luck curse actually has given my son’s dad a really bad attitude including a bad attitude towards me… it’s definitely giving him a difficult time. I have also done several other hexes against my son’s dad such as the “choas in your life” hex. I’ve been using the spellbinding sisters services since late october and I am super glad I did. They do their work according to the moon phases and they will let you know when the spell is cast. I appreciate the dedication they have towards their work.